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Partners with a shared business philosophy and sensibility

NOVAWILL is an eco-friendly eCommerce platform that sells green life products to consumers or supplies them to businesses.

Through its 'NOVAWILL Partners', NOVAWILL is looking for products that are healthy, eco-friendly, and provide a sustainable and smart alternative to green consumption.

All NOVAWILL Partners' branded products are ecologically friendly, are sourced in a way that meets fair social standards, and are subject to 10 sustainability criteria. They also require that each product's description clearly states which criteria have been met.

NOVAWILL carries products in over 20 different categories and already has a wide range of trendy products and brands through its 'NOVAWILL Partners'.

NOVAWILL wants to create a brand that thinks and works together with 'NOVAWILL Partners' and will provide a key and powerful online and offline marketing channel for the sale of these products.

Every user can confirm the information provided by a supplier online with a positive rating or doubt it with a critical comment.

At NOVAWILL, we are actively helping to ensure a sustainable shopping experience.

In general, manufacturers and suppliers should present the production process of their products as transparent and understandable as possible to customers.

For more information, please contact : shopmanager.kr@novawill.com

Criteria for Partners 

All NOVAWILL Partners' branded products meet the following 10 criteria for sustainable manufacturing and eco-friendly products.

Benefits of NOVAWILL Partners

* Exclusive promotional programs through the NOVAWILL eCommerce Platform

* Promotional programs through external marketing channels such as Amazon Europe, etc.

* Product and company PR through various online and offline advertising media with high conversion rates

* 0% commission for the first 3 months when entering NOVAWILL.shop

* Transparent transaction status and sales settlement when entering NOVAWILL.shop

* Provide marketing consulting services and collaborate with NOVAWILL's marketing consulting team for sales in Europe, Korea, and the United States (separate contract)

* Priority to exhibit at the Frankfurt Permanent Exhibition Center, the center of Europe (separate contract)

* Provision of business-to-business trading opportunities and consulting through NOVAWILL.biz (separate contract, scheduled for 2024)


For affiliate procedures and consultation, please contact us at the following contact information. 

Another way, 'Contact us' button below to request an affiliate consultation and a representative will contact you. 

Affiliate inquiry 

  • shopmanager.kr@novawill.com (Europe, English-speaking)
  • shopmanager.de@novawill.com (Korea)

We are looking for partners for green global e-commerce 

Discuss greenLife eBusiness with NOVAWILL.

NOVAWILL provides Interactive Opportunity and Dynamic Marketing with an accurate understanding of the market, customers and suppliers.

NOVAWILL is phasing out its healthcare/pharmaceutical/trade business and ultimately creating platforms that contribute to people's eco-friendly and healthy lives.

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