New will, New Heart

NOVAWILL will go beyond its convenient and practical value and pursue its value as an eco-friendly social enterprise for our furure. 



Our Vision


Eco-friendly brands that save our planet: organic resources, eco-friendly development, carbon savings, resource savings, recyclables, etc

Country of Origin

Direct sales by producers of both manufacturing and production in the country of origin

Social & Fair

Fair and social transactions: solving various social problems such as poverty resolution and community recovery in a business manner

Green Life

Sell eco-friendly, organic ingredients, vegan foods and products

The Alpha franchise is open for business. 
We invite interested parties to attend the Frankfurt Messe Ambiente 2024 trade fair.

Our Business

Here we present our products and services. These pages are always kept up to date. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, simply contact us - we will be happy to help you.

Global B2B-eCommerce Platform Business

Business-to-business e-commerce through platform sites connecting Korea and Europe

Global Eco-eCommerce Platform Business

Wholesale e-commerce of eco-friendly products through e-commerce platform sites

BizMatching Sevice Platform Business

For Korean companies, European-based partners, local promotion, market research, etc.

Promotion Marketing Service Business

Local promotions for Korean companies based in Europe

K-Culture Europe Business

Hosting and promoting Korean cultural performances such as K-Classic and K-Book

Europe Sports Agency

Run domestic promotions and training programs for European sports such as football.

Korean Oriental Medicine Business

European sales and promotion of Hanyak ingredients and finished products, Korean medicine equipment and supplies, etc.

Europe Industrial Exhibition Agency

Organized industry fairs and engagement programs for Asian companies

NOVAWILL is the "Will" of business!

Eco-consume / Sharing / Fairing / Humancentri

We are looking for partners for green global e-commerce 

Discuss greenLife eBusiness with NOVAWILL.

Our Partners

There are a thousand diseases, 
but only one health 
- L. Böhne


NOVAWILL is looking for franchisees with the launch of the AlphaEuro business. 


Jan. 2024


NOVAWILL, which has signed a regional business license, will start its AlphaEuro business participation at the 'Abiente 2024 Frankfrut' held in January 2024, ...

Jan. 2024

K-Cosmetic High-end cosmetics brand Lon.G exhibited and sold in Germany

Lon.G, a high-end cosmetics brand representing K-Beauty, has finally entered Europe. ...

NOVAWILL provides Interactive Opportunity and Dynamic Marketing with an accurate understanding of the market, customers and suppliers.

NOVAWILL is phasing out its healthcare/pharmaceutical/trade business and ultimately creating platforms that contribute to people's eco-friendly and healthy lives.

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