Alpha and NOVAWILL join forces 

Korean company Alpha joins Ambient2004 with NOVAWILL GmbH.

     NOVAWILL.COM, an e-Business platform company, signed an agreement with Alpha, a leading Korean stationery company, in 2023.
Alpha Master Franchise Agreement for stationery and daily necessities convenience store franchise in Germany and all of Europe. 

     Alpha has a 53-year history, is the No. 1 company in the Korean stationery industry, has more than 800 stores in Korea, and is present in the U.S. and other major countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Mongolia, and through this agreement with NOVAWILL.COM, it will enter the European market in earnest. 

     As a first step, we plan to open a shop-in-shop in Kronberg, near Frankfurt, on February 14, 2024, where you can freely view various products such as Alpha stationery, professional art supplies, fancy products (such as character products), daily necessities, and cosmetics, and order and purchase them on site.  

     We are participating in the Frankfurt Messe Ambiente 2024 fair to promote the signing of the Alpha Master Franchise agreement and the launch of our European business.

We invite those who are interested in our Alpha franchise business to attend the Frankfurt Messe Ambiente 2024.

참조 : Frankfurt Ambiente 2024 박람회 기간동안 사업에 대한 문의나 상담을 원하시면, 아래 양식에 맞춰 사전상담접수를 등록해 주십시오. 
상담내용을 검토하고, 일정을 확정해서 약속한 일시에 성심껏 상담드리겠습니다, 필요한 경우, 한국알파 사업본부장도 함께 참석하여 상담드리겠습니다. 감사합니다

  • 독일이나 유럽지역을 입지로 Alpha 프렌차이즈 매장 운영에 관심이 있는 사람.
  • 독일이나 유럽지역 내에 운영 중인 매장을 보유하고 있고, Alpha Europe의 상품을 Shop-in-Shop 으로 판매하고자 하는 사람.
  • Alpha Europe의 Office MRO B2B에 제품공급계약을 통해 참여를 원하시는 제조 및 유통기업 마케팅매니저.
  • Alpha Europe을 통해 Office용품의 제품구매를 원하거나, 정기적인 구독구매를 원하는 기업 및 단체, 기관 구매담당자. 
    (대기업 및 중소형기업/학교 및 학원 등 교육기관/교회, 조합 등 단체/ 기타 일정 규모의 구매고객 대상)
  • 한국의 Alpha를 이미 알고 있어서, 박람회를 통해 제품 구매를 원하는 일반 개인고객.

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NOVAWILL provides Interactive Opportunity and Dynamic Marketing with an accurate understanding of the market, customers and suppliers.

NOVAWILL is phasing out its healthcare/pharmaceutical/trade business and ultimately creating platforms that contribute to people's eco-friendly and healthy lives.

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