Alpha and NOVAWILL join forces 

Korean company Alpha joins Ambient2004 with NOVAWILL GmbH.

     NOVAWILL.COM, an e-Business platform company, signed an agreement with Alpha, a leading Korean stationery company, in 2023.
Alpha Master Franchise Agreement for stationery and daily necessities convenience store franchise in Germany and all of Europe. 

     Alpha has a 53-year history, is the No. 1 company in the Korean stationery industry, has more than 800 stores in Korea, and is present in the U.S. and other major countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Mongolia, and through this agreement with NOVAWILL.COM, it will enter the European market in earnest. 

     As a first step, we plan to open a shop-in-shop in Kronberg, near Frankfurt, on February 14, 2024, where you can freely view various products such as Alpha stationery, professional art supplies, fancy products (such as character products), daily necessities, and cosmetics, and order and purchase them on site.  

     We are participating in the Frankfurt Messe Ambiente 2024 fair to promote the signing of the Alpha Master Franchise agreement and the launch of our European business.

We invite those who are interested in our Alpha franchise business to attend the Frankfurt Messe Ambiente 2024.

Note : If you would like to discuss your business needs during Frankfurt Ambiente 2024, please fill out the form below to register for a preliminary consultation. 
We will review the contents of the consultation, confirm the schedule, and sincerely consult with you at the agreed date, and if necessary, the head of Alpha Korea will also attend and consult with you. Thank you.

  • You are interested in opening an Alpha franchise store in Germany and Europe.
  • If you have a store in Germany and Europe and want to sell Alpha Europe's products as a shop-in-shop.
  • Representatives of manufacturing and distribution companies who want to participate in the Office MRO B2B through product supply contracts
  • Representatives of companies, organizations, and institutions that want to purchase office products through Alpha Europe or purchase regular subscriptions. 
    (For large and small businesses / educational institutions such as schools and academies / organizations such as churches and unions / other purchasing customers with a certain size)
  • Individual customers who already know Alpha in Korea and want to purchase products through the fair.

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Telefon: +49 0 6173 397 0381


Office : Hardtgrundweg 18, 61462, Königstein im Taunus

Register for a preliminary consultation

* Please fill out the form thoroughly and if you have any questions about what you have written, please contact us at the bottom of the form.

Ambiente Frankfurt 2024

The Ambiente trade fair in Frankfurt is the largest consumer goods fair in the world. At Ambiente Messe Frankfurt, a large number of exhibitors from around 90 countries present fresh ideas, high-quality products, successful trends and pure creativity on the themes of Dining - the fascinating world of tableware, kitchenware and household goods, Giving - the creative world of gift-giving and Living - the exclusive world of living, furnishing and decorating. With its diverse range of clearly structured product groups, Ambiente Frankfurt is the world's largest consumer goods fair.


Opening Date :

EJanuary 26, 2024  ~  Jan 30, 2024

Everyday Opening Time : 

09:00 ~ 18:00

Lastday Opening Time : 

09:00 ~ 17:00

Alpha and NOVAWILL join forces 

Korean company Alpha joins Ambient2004 with NOVAWILL GmbH.

In 2023, Alpha, a leading Korean stationery company founded in 1971, and NOVAWILL GmbH of Germany signed a master franchise agreement for Europe. A longtime partner in the history of education in Korea, Alpha is now a well-known company not only in Korea but also in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Alpha plans to enter the European market with differentiated marketing through a convenience store-type business while showcasing good quality, low prices, and a variety of products. We met with Alfa Romeo, who is in charge of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and got some good advice.

NOVAWILL provides Interactive Opportunity and Dynamic Marketing with an accurate understanding of the market, customers and suppliers.

NOVAWILL is phasing out its healthcare/pharmaceutical/trade business and ultimately creating platforms that contribute to people's eco-friendly and healthy lives.

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