Alpha and NOVAWILL join forces 

Korean company Alpha joins Ambient2004 with NOVAWILL GmbH.

In 2023, we signed an agreement with Germany's NOVAWILL GmbH, a leading South Korean stationery company founded in 1971. A longtime partner in the history of Korean education, APHA is now known in Korea, as well as in the United States, Southeast Asia, and Europe. ALPHA plans to enter the European market with differentiated marketing through CVS-type projects while showcasing its good quality, low prices, and wide range of products. Meet the ALPHAEURO representative in charge of Europe, Africa, and the Middle East for advice and good advice.

We propose a franchisee to join Alpha Euro.

Business sectors to join together 

Restaurants, bakeries, cooking, grilling and kitchen appliances, small appliances, kitchen accessories, kitchen textiles, gourmet shops, glass, ceramics, porcelain, metal products, table decorations, cookware, frying utensils, bakery, kitchen utensils, appliances, cleaning equipment, cleaning products, donations, arts and crafts, candles, smoking accessories, limited edition gift items, manufactory production, figurines, design, trend-oriented gift items, Fashion jewelry, real jewelry, gift items, games, leather goods, handicrafts, stationery , living, country house furniture, colonial furniture, living ensembles, living concepts, individual furniture, annual and seasonal festive jewelry, outdoor furniture, accessories, designer furniture, paintings, picture frames, moldings, mirrors, Japanese consumer goods, furniture, home textiles , living room lighting, high-quality and unique home accessories and gift items from abroad.

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Contact us

Telefon: +49 0 6173 397 0381


Office : Hardtgrundweg 18, 61462, Königstein im Taunus

NOVAWILL provides Interactive Opportunity and Dynamic Marketing with an accurate understanding of the market, customers and suppliers.

NOVAWILL is phasing out its healthcare/pharmaceutical/trade business and ultimately creating platforms that contribute to people's eco-friendly and healthy lives.

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